Start early mobilization now

ROBERT® provides a complete and flexible solution for rehabilitation


Active Resistive Mobilization

ROBERT® offers resistance against the patient’s movement

The resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed by a healthcare professional.

Active Assistive Mobilization

ROBERT® guides the patient through the exercise

The patient’s function and strength determines the level of activity during the exercise. The patient coorporates with ROBERT®’s movements or relaxes in case of fatigue.

Passive Mobilization

ROBERT® supports the rehabilitation of immobilized patients

Very early mobilization of severely affected patients is facilitated. Patients with reduced or inexisting level of function can engage in early rehabilitation.

Benefits of ROBERT®

How can ROBERT® make a difference for patients, healthcare professionals & institutions

Enhancement of early mobilization

Reduction of heavy lifts

Faster recovery

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Official Certifications

Life Science Robotics ApS is  ISO 13485 certified and ROBERT® is approved as a Class IIa medical device in compliance with the medical device directive (93/42/EEC) and is FDA registered.

TV MIDTVEST – ROBERT®’s benefits

The report presents ROBERT®’s intensive training benefits in connection with a patient’s rehabilitation story.

TV2 – ROBERT®’s benefits

The report offers an insight on ROBERT®’s benefits from both the patient’s and the physiotherapist’s perspective.

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