NEW Upper Extremities Module at upcoming conferences in December


December will be a conference month for Life Science Robotics, as we will participate in two different conferences. We are thrilled to announce that we will introduce a new module for ROBERT® that focuses on rehabilitation of the upper extremities at the conferences!

The conferences are:

DGNR Conference in Dresden, Germany from 8-10. December 2022.

This conference is held by the German Society of Neurorehabilitation. DGNR is an association based in Bonn, Germany since 1989. It consists of physicians, that aim to further develop medical training, research and organizational standards in neurorehabilitation. Read more information about the conference here:


WFNR Conference in Vienna, Austria from 14-17 December 2022.

World Federation for for Neurorehabilitation is an umbrella organisation that is based in the UK. It aims to bring awareness, provide training, encourage scientific research in the field and it is a forum for all professionals that have an interest in neurorehabilitation. Read more information about the conference her:

Both conferences will therefore focus on the topic of neurorehabilitation, which is an area that ROBERT® provides tremendous assistance in. Especially now that ROBERT® provides rehabilitation for both the upper and lower extremities. We look forward to showcasing ROBERT® and we hope to meet many of you!

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An investment in ROBERT® is beneficial at several levels, as for example enhancement of mobilization, reducing inpatient stays and improving different health and wellbeing aspects. ROBERT® provides a complement to the healthcare professionals’ daily work, avoiding heavy lifting and intensive movement repetitions.