About Us

We develop the technology of the future.

Life Science Robotics is a future-oriented and robot enthusiastic medico company that aims to make a difference for patients and staff through the link between human and robot. We develop technology that contributes to the healthcare sector worldwide.

At Life Science Robotics, we produce high quality and user-friendly robotic solutions for the healthcare sector. We are specialists in rehabilitation through robot technology and we always strive to deliver products that can contribute to healthcare systems, businesses and individuals on a global scale. At present, our main focus is on optimizing mobilization and providing better conditions for rehabilitation globally through the robot ROBERT®.


Our team


The history of Life Science Robotics

“I was determined to find a solution which, the first time around, could eliminate the healthcare workers’ pain as a result of heavy lifting”, expressed Lasse Thomsen.
The birth of an idea

The idea of ROBERT® came about an ordinary Tuesday evening where the founder, Lasse Thomsen, and his wife talked about the challenges in her work as a nurse at Aalborg University Hospital. Healthcare workers experience daily challenges as heavy lifting in relation to rehabilitation of patients.

Official partnership

Lasse Thomsen, as CEO and founder of Robert ApS, joined efforts with the first project manager, Joachim Kristensen, in order to develop ROBERT®. Joachim’s background as a physiotherapist added valuable knowledge about the significance and the consequences of rehabilitation.

Entrepreneurial prize at CareWare fair

Robert ApS was nominated the entrepreneurial company of the year 2015 within the field of welfare innovation. The judges’ decision was based on which finalist had the most potential for growth.

A growing team

Several members of the team came on board in 2017 and gave a great contribution to the development of ROBERT®: Rune Kristensen as CTO, Fridel Laursen as Clinical Project Manager, and Firas Amin as Lead Software Engineer.

Great developments

3 new professional investors came on board in 2018. Lasse Thomsen stepped down as CEO and Keld Thorsen joined the company as new CEO and shareholder.

Official CE-certification

In September 2018, the company was ISO 13485 certified and ROBERT® was approved as a Class IIa medical device in compliance with the medical device directive (93/42/EEC)

From Robert to Life Science Robotics

With a focus on expansion and internationalisation, Robert changed its name to Life Science Robotics. The name empathises the presence of robots and the healthcare industry in the company’s DNA.

International Distributors

The international network of ROBERT®’s distributors is expanding quickly. Outside Denmark, Life Science Robotics is represented in European countries such as Austria, Baltics, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK.

Start early mobilization now

Choose ROBERT® – The first step out of bed

An investment in ROBERT® is beneficial at several levels, as for example enhancement of mobilization, reducing inpatient stays and improving different health and wellbeing aspects. ROBERT® provides a complement to the healthcare professionals’ daily work, avoiding heavy lifting and intensive movement repetitions.