The Sensing and stimulating (SAS) is an add on module for ROBERT® which uses Electromyography (EMG) triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to support active mobilization. The module was developed in collaboration with Aalborg University and Roessingh Research and Development in the Netherlands.

ROBERT® facilitates manually recorded movements paired with an easy electrode placement, allowing for a targeted treatment option for early rehabilitation.


EMG-triggered functional electrical stimulation (FES) enabling active mobilisation

Active participation of patients despite severe motor limitation

Intelligent adaptation of support for the patient - Assisted As Needed mode (AAN)

Together, we have developed a method for intelligent sensing of the intent of a paralyzed patient – based on the signals from the muscles, which we combined with functional electrical stimulation in order to support the patient in contracting the weakened muscles and perform the exercises with ROBERT®.

Thereby, the vision is to enhance rehabilitation through active and adaptive support of the patients and at the same time reduce the load on the therapists.

Lotte Andreasen Struijk Professor, Head of Center for Rehabilitation Robotics, Aalborg University


Intuitive with an user-centric approach

The module features an intuitive software with an user-friendly interface that offers the possibility to adjust it by setting up various parameters for each individual patient.

Professionals have the freedom to customize the FES treatment, making the software a tailored solution that adapts to the patients’ needs.

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