Inventor and Founder of ROBERT® live on the radio


The inventor and founder of ROBERT® were live on the radio to tell about the birth of and the journey of the robot.

The idea of ROBERT® comes from the Danish nurse Carina Jensen, who could see that the physically hard work of sleepy patients often becomes downgraded during a busy day in the hospital. Lack of sleepy patients may cause slower healing and can result in a number of serious complications such as pneumonia, which may be fatal to older people.

Carina Jensen shared her concern about the lack of training of bedridden patients with her husband, Lasse, who is a robot technician and entrepreneur. Together they sat down and drew the first sketches to the ROBERT® rehabilitation robot. This week they were invited to tell about ROBERT® and its journey live on the radio.

“It’s actually dangerous to lie still in a bed. You lose 3 percent of your muscle mass a day by not moving. Therefore, it is great to know that with ROBERT®-training twice a day, we can help patients who could otherwise be more likely to get more genes, thus being tied longer than necessary to the bed. At the same time, we provide nurses with a better working environment with less heavy lifting. I’m proud to have helped develop, “says Carina Jensen.

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