REHA-Symposium of the BG-Kliniken: A great event!


It was a lot of fun for us to be able to present ROBERT’s wide range of applications to such a large and interested audience at this year’s REHA Symposium.

The positive feedback from the representatives of the professional associations and from the leading doctors of the professional cooperative clinics has shown us, once again, that there is an interest in using ROBERT in the early stages of rehabilitation. The need for such technology was identified from both medical, therapeutical and insurance points of view.

We would like to thank all those who tried ROBERT at our stand and discussed with us the possibilities of use, the financing and the potential.  

We are looking forward to using ROBERT to support therapists in their daily work, to provide patients with a greater number of therapeutic treatments and to help reduce cost development in health care.

Start early mobilization now

Choose ROBERT® – The first step out of bed

An investment in ROBERT® is beneficial at several levels, as for example enhancement of mobilization, reducing inpatient stays and improving different health and wellbeing aspects. ROBERT® provides a complement to the healthcare professionals’ daily work, avoiding heavy lifting and intensive movement repetitions.