ROBERT® was featured on TV Midtvest


Amer and Daniel from our last video series had an interview with TV Midtvest, where ROBERT® was featured in connection with Daniel’s successful rehabilitation story. Daniel is young man who’s highest goal is being able to walk, and his ambition led him to do this in just 2 months of intensive training, after coming to Bytoften in a wheelchair due to an acquired brain injury.

His determination is inspiring for the team of physiotherapists working with him, having daily training sessions of 2-3 hours and 500+ repetitions in each active exercise with ROBERT®, combined with functional training.

Amer, physiotherapist, describes the benefits of intensive training with a high amount of repetitions offered by ROBERT® for patients, and how ROBERT® is helping him and his team with all the heavy, repetitive liftings as well as by freeing his time in order to be able to take care of other different tasks such as documentation.

Click here to watch the full TV report.

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