Inpatient Stroke Services at Trafford General Hospital using ROBERT®


Our sales partners Summit Medical and Scientific commenced the first UK trial of ROBERT® at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

The Inpatient Stroke Services at Trafford General Hospital will be using the ROBERT®, the robotic rehabilitation device for early mobilisation, for the next three months with their acute patients.

Jennifer Harrison, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, said: ”The use of robotic-assisted training within stroke rehabilitation has been gathering momentum over the last few years. However, it remains far away from daily clinical practice within the NHS. The team are excited at the prospect of working with ROBERT® to determine the clinical impact, alongside patient and staff experience.”

Keld Thorsen, CEO at Life Science Robotics, said: “We are pleased that ROBERT® is now able to provide intensive rehabilitation to stroke patients in the UK, particularly during the crucial early stages of recovery. In the UK, approximately 100,000 individuals suffer a stroke each year, and around 1.3 million stroke survivors experience a reduced quality of life. Receiving intensive training will help patients in regaining function and ultimately achieving self-reliance, significantly enhancing their quality of life.”

Sara Brammall, Managing Director at Summit Medical and Scientific, said: “We are pleased to commence the first ever UK trial with the ROBERT® and see patients using this state-of-the-art robotic device in this country for the first time. We are looking forward to hearing the experiences of therapists using the ROBERT® and excited to see how patients progress over the next three months.”

Summit Medical and Scientific are passionate about the power of rehabilitation technology.

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