MiR investor sees great opportunities in ROBERT®


In Life Science Robotics, we are proud to announce that ROBERT® has attracted an experienced robot investor with an international overview, just weeks after it got the CE mark. Søren Juul Jørgensen, the first investor in the giant success Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), has just bought into Life Science Robotics, which has developed ROBERT®. The sale of MiR in April to American Teradyne contributed up to DKK 1.7 billion for sharing between, among others, Søren Juul Jørgensen.

“I invest in Life Science Robotics because it is a good idea that can save physiotherapists and nurses for work-related injuries and at the same time be a good business on the long run,” says Søren Juul Jørgensen, who also joins the board of Life Science Robotics.

The rehabilitation robot ROBERT® can help reduce complications for patients in both the short and the long term, giving them a shorter hospitalization and a shorter rehabilitation course. Early rehabilitation results in a shorter rehabilitation period and less decay of muscles. In addition, rehabilitation prevents other bedside complications such as joint stiffness, pressure ulcers and reduced functional ability.

“With Søren Juul Jørgensen, Life Science Robotics has gained an experienced person from the robotic world in Odense into the owners and the board. Søren has an incredibly good international view and many years of experience in customer-driven international product development. We are looking forward to the cooperation with Søren in product development, international projects and general internationalization. The group of owners of Life Science Robotics consists of very solid investors with great knowledge in the robot industry,” explains Keld Thorsen, CEO of Life Science Robotics.

It is expected that a lot of patients in hospitals and care centers can enjoy the rehabilitation robot, both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. ROBERT® is flexible and can treat many patients a day as it fits into their rhythm.

We warmly welcome Søren Juul Jørgensen and look forward to the adventures with ROBERT®.

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