The Danish Innovation Minister meets the new ROBERT®


The Danish Innovation Minister Sophie Løhde and member of the Danish parliament Søren Gade (V) are presented to North Jutland’s innovation for the health and welfare sector.

With innovation in the health and welfare area in the North Jutland region, ROBERT® was ready to get acquainted with the Minister for Innovation, Sophie Løhde, when she, together with Søren Gade, visited the Forskningens Hus at Aalborg University Hospital. For this event, organized by Idéklinikken, the focus was on the innovative ideas of North Jutland. One of these ideas is ROBERT®.

User-driven innovation and cooperation with business
The event focused on societal challenges – both in innovation and in the welfare area. Some of the latest realized ideas, presented to the Minister for Innovation during the visit at Idéklinikken, were user-driven innovation through, among other things, the mobile bed lifts, hang-on boxes, emergency boxes and of course also ROBERT®.

The Innovation Unit of North Jutland
Idékliniken is the innovation unit of region North Jutland. The purpose of Idéklinikken is that good ideas in the field of healthcare are collected, clarified, tested and realized. This in order to contribute to the development of the North Jutland health care system for employees and patients.

Idéklinikken highlights how user-driven innovation creates value, and in daily life brings frustrations to job satisfaction for many employees – for the benefit of the patient and the employee.

In the earlier stages of ROBERT®, Robert ApS has collaborated with the Idéklinikken, which has contributed with unique expert knowledge and resources for the realization of the project. Therefore, we were pleased to be able to participate with Idéklinikken and present the new version of ROBERT®.

New design
ROBERT® has recently undergone a makeover, where the product has been redesigned with a focus on increased user-friendliness. In this connection, Robert ApS has partnered with KUKA Roboter GmbH and their newly developed LBR With Robot Arm for medical use. ROBERT® participated in MEDICA 2017 with KUKA Roboter GmbH.

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