Benefits of ROBERT®

How does ROBERT® make a difference for patients, healthcare professionals & institutions


Enhances early mobilization and more effective treatments

Reduction of stiff joints, inactive nerves and pressure sores

Minimization of risk of blood clots and pneumonia

Acts against muscular reduction


Reduction of heavy lifts

Possibility to give more attention to the patient or treat other patients in the same room

Make administrative work while ROBERT® does the mobilization

Very easy to use and move around


Shorter recovery time and faster return to a daily routine

Patients spend less time in hospitals and achieve a less critical stage at nursing homes

Professionals can provide an optimal treatment without major physical efforts

Gratifying for the relatives to see the results

Why ROBERT® is a solution for the healthcare sector

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Start early mobilisation now

Choose ROBERT® – The first step out of bed

Rehabilitation of bedridden patients has a detrimental effect on employees at hospitals and nursing homes and is a huge expense to society. That is why an investment in ROBERT® is beneficial at several levels – enhancement of mobilisation reducing inpatient stays, improvement of the healthcare employees’ working environment and reduction of absence from work and employee attrition are some of the advantages of ROBERT®.